Achieving financial freedom and above all keeping, it is the dream of many people.

But you will surely encounter obstacles on your way. And that you will have to take up many challenges…

Aiming for financial freedom is a real personal journey that will require you to push your limits in order to regain control of your life, and change your view of money.

To help you in this quest, we have collected 15 essential financial freedom quotes here. Words that we hope will help, inspire and motivate you to take on any challenge.


First of all, what is financial freedom?

To be financially free is to be able to support yourself without depending on a job you don’t like. In other words, it’s succeeding in freeing yourself from a monthly salary and deploying your vision to live comfortably from your passion.

It’s also a way to regain control of your life and your relationship with money. And this while depending only on oneself, on one’s own resources, and on one’s potential.

Indeed, money is a subject at the center of all debates. It leaves no one indifferent and seems to stir up envy on the one hand and hatred on the other.

For some, it makes the world go round and gives them the right to happiness. For others, it attracts wrath and fuels injustice. Be that as it may, everyone develops their own relationship with money and changes it over time and through experience.

Access to true financial freedom also requires a lot of work on yourself. It is necessary to be able to develop from a personal point of view to aspire to a professional deployment.

So to start this ascent and aim for success, here is our selection of favorite quotes:


Our 15 money and financial freedom quotes


1. The future cannot be predicted. He prepares himself. (Maurice Blondel)

Maurice Blondel is a French philosopher, professor, and academic, who wrote several essays and theses on the place of action at the heart of Christian philosophy at the beginning of the 20th century.


2. The money we have is that of freedom; the one we are chasing is that of servitude. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, writer, and philosopher of the Enlightenment, is famous for his numerous works. His self-taught side and his rather difficult temperament have more than once placed him in the spotlight. He notably fell out with some of his philosopher friends and wandered part of his life following his condemnation by the Parliament of Paris. However, he never gave up his ideas and his desire to write.


3. Do not value money more or less than it is worth: it is a good servant and a bad master. (Alexandre Dumas)

Alexandre Dumas, a prolific French novelist, achieved true fame during his lifetime. He nevertheless squandered his fortune before regaining success thanks to his two most famous novels: The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo.


financial freedom alexandre dumas


Quotes from Robert Kiyosaki:

4. More important than how we achieve financial freedom is the why. Find your reasons why you want to be free and rich.

5. Financial freedom is a mental, emotional, and educational process.

6. If you don’t know how to take care of the money, the money will stay away from you.

Robert Kiyosaki is a Hawaiian-born American entrepreneur and personal development specialist who champions financial education from an early age. He wants everyone to have access to investment and entrepreneurship knowledge. He shares his tips for achieving true financial freedom in many bestselling books.

The most famous of his writings is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which has sold over 30 million copies worldwide.



7. A good financial plan is a roadmap that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future. (Alexa Von Tobel)

Alexa Von Tobel founded LearnVest in 2008 after realizing that the majority of people have absolutely no idea how to manage their finances. It thus helps them to progress in their management. Its success allows it to raise funds of several million. She then created Inspired Capital where she helps start-up companies and founders to reach the top.


8. You must take control of your money or its absence will control you forever. (Dave Ramsey)

Dave Ramsey, now a millionaire, is a radio host, author, and businessman. He experienced a phase of over-indebtedness and used his experience to become a financial advisor. He has written several books about it and hosts The Dave Ramsey Show, a talk show where he discusses money and financial investments with listeners who call him.


9. You need to tell your money how you want to live your life, not the other way around. (Manoj Arora)

Manoj Arora has worked for 20 years as an IT executive in organizations around the world. Gold medalist in engineering, he worked in several companies before achieving success. He understands what causes problems for others: failing to achieve the life of their dreams and getting stuck in frustrations. He then decides to impact people by helping them find happiness and harmony through financial freedom.


financial freedom manoj arora


10. The best thing money can buy is financial freedom. (Rob Shepherd)

Rob Berger has been writing about finance since 2007. He is now an editor for Forbes Advisor, a medium that helps its readers make smart financial decisions.


11. The habit of saving is in itself an education; it promotes all the virtues, teaches self-denial, cultivates a sense of order, trains in foresight, and thus broadens the mind. (TT Munger)

Thornton T. Munger, a research scientist, is known for leading the research in the Wind River Experimental Forest. This is thanks to his interest in forests and nature from an early age.


Quotes from Warren Buffet:

12. Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

13. If you can’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.

Warren Buffett, an American billionaire, is the son of a stockbroker. He quickly learned the workings of investment by accompanying him to work and launched his first business at the age of 13. A true financial and mathematical prodigy, he never stopped investing and created his own company.

He is now one of the richest men in the world, and his word on financial freedom is particularly listened to.


financial freedom warren buffet


14. Profits are better than wages because wages can make you live but profits can make you a fortune. (Napoleon Hill)

Napoleon Hill, an American author, began his career as a journalist at the age of 13. He was then hired for Bob Taylor’s Magazine. His work? Writing about the success of famous men including Andrew Carnegie, his mentor.

For 25 years, he will interview prestigious entrepreneurs of his time to understand the laws of success. Until the end of his life, he will spread his knowledge and teach the basic principles of success.


15. Clothing gives authority to a man, money gives audacity. (Chinese proverb)


We hope these chosen quotes may have resonated with you and inspired you in some way.

To achieve some financial freedom, don’t forget that you will have to carry out significant personal development work on your mindset and your financial intelligence.

This is why in our blog and in our monthly newsletter, we are committed to informing you about best practices and our analyzes of the stock markets.


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