Our history has been written daily for almost 30 years

It was in 1992 that the Mauritian group CIEL created the asset management company on the one hand, and the investment fund on the other hand, which are now called iPRO Investment Professionals and iPRO Growth Fund respectively.

Our team supports you over the long term

IPRO Investment Professionals DNA is found in dynamism and motivation of his team. We are a store of a dozen people, working tirelessly to best manage our clients’ assets.

Stephane henry
Stephane henryCEO
Arnaud Leclezio
Arnaud LeclezioHead of Compliance and Risks
Carolyn Wong So
Carolyn Wong SoHead of Finance and Operations
Wenny hardowar
Wenny hardowarClient Relationship Manager
Yakshmi Ellapen
Yakshmi EllapenSenior Manager - Research
Rishi doman
Rishi domanFund Manager
Edouard L. Nairac
Edouard L. NairacManager - Research
Padma beezadhur
Padma beezadhurOperations Manager Assistant
Diane marion
Diane marionAssistant Portfolio Manager
Karishma tengur
Karishma tengurSenior Operations Executive
Neeloofur Mohungoo
Neeloofur MohungooAnalyst - Investment, Research & Operations
Rajiv Muthy
Rajiv MuthyExecutive Administration


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Our commitment at your side

We combine asset management experience and open-mindedness, constantly continuing to read, understand and improve our analytical methods.
We are available at any time to explain our investment strategy to you.

iPRO Investment Professionals - Philosophy

Our goal is to get the best possible return from a portfolio diversified between Mauritian and international equities.

A disciplined investment philosophy coupled with rigorous risk management enables us to provide clients with sustainable, consistent and adjusted results.
In practice, all options are valued on the basis of risk-adjusted returns, as well as other relevant parameters.
Most of our investments in all asset classes are relatively less volatile.

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iPRO Investment Professionals - Strategic Committee

All investment decisions are ratified by an investment committee made up of senior experts within the company, which meets every three months to:

Monitor and review the performance of existing stocks.
Evaluate any new investment strategy or new product offering aimed at improving performance or offering diversification opportunities.
Decide to continue with an existing business in the event of a recent decline in performance, after analyzing in detail all the reasons for the decline.

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iPRO Investment Professionals - Customer Service

We have a holistic view of customer service, and our satisfied customers are our daily inspiration to perform better.

It starts with our initial advice based on listening to your financial needs and a thorough understanding of your investment goals.
As a client, you will experience our internal dedication and commitment at all levels, to meet your ongoing needs in a transparent and efficient manner.

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