Geopolitical and economic news around the world have been very intense during the month of August 2021. But the most serious is undoubtedly their withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. With the victory of the Taliban and the two attacks recently committed by Daesh, the American debacle is total in this country.

The United States has therefore just undergone a new humiliation, one of the three most important in their history.

Let us first mention the fall of Saigon in April 1975. Then the hostage-taking at the American Embassy in Tehran in November 1979.

In August 2021, the departure from Afghanistan in the most total anarchy of American troops will be remembered around the world. And especially in that of American citizens.


Some reminders

In 2001, the United States decided to send troops to Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. Because Osama Bin Laden and his accomplices were refugees there, supported by the Taliban then in power.

As a reminder, Soviet troops remained in Afghanistan for ten years, from 1979 to 1989. Then they decided to drop the communist regime unable to control the fundamentalist Muslim rebels backed by the United States and Pakistan.

A civil war ensued from 1992 to 1996, then the first Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. Until the Americans dislodged the Taliban in late 2001.

But as early as 2011, under Obama’s presidency, the United States had expressed the wish to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. However, the deadline was repulsed on multiple occasions. In particular because of the progression of the Taliban inside the country.

Despite everything, Joe Biden had a bad idea to promise the Americans, during the 2020 election campaign, to withdraw American troops for good. before September 11, 2021.

A windfall for the Taliban, who already controlled most of the country. But also for Daesh and the militias of the North of Massoud, sworn enemies of the Taliban.


Chronicle of an announced American debacle …

The capture of Kabul by the Taliban was inevitable.

But it is the management of this “handing over” from the Americans to the Taliban that is a real shame for America. Not only did the Taliban regain power before September 11, but above all:

  • the two attacks at Kabul airport which took place on August 26, 2021, killed nearly 200 people. Including 13 Americans and three British, including a child
  • Daesh took the opportunity to recall that they were always there, ready to kill anywhere and at any time
  • thousands of Afghan citizens are today blocked in their country and probably condemned to death, for having “collaborated” with the Americans, the British, or the French over the past twenty years
  • the Americans let the Taliban control illegal poppy production, which has become their main source of funding
  • and finally, the billions of dollars of US war material left to the Afghan army are now largely in the hands of the Taliban

That’s a lot, and the whole world can hesitate between astonishment and anger.

Because we can now, unfortunately, expect a resumption of terrorist attacks worldwide.


A demonstration of helplessness

In view of the post-terrorist press conference on August 26, it is very worrying that Joe Biden is not at all The Man for the job.

I advise you this video of Jocko Willink to appreciate what Americans would have liked to hear …

I think the Americans must have the same feeling today as the French in 2012, a few months after the election of Francois Hollande. The time will seem very long until the next election …

The main problem lies in the fact that the demonstration of helplessness of the Americans will give ideas to their enemies. Iran and China in particular, in addition to Daesh.

And simultaneously it goes worried at the highest point the countries under American protection. Israel, Saudi Arabia, or even Taiwan …

The performance of the US stock markets and the dollar in the coming months will be interesting to follow. This American debacle has certainly not finished having heavy consequences

Image source: RFI