Wealth management: definition and explanations

You've probably heard of heritage. From the moment you own property, you are concerned by this notion. But what exactly is the definition of wealth management? And why is it interesting to manage your assets? And why call on a wealth management advisor? We address all these questions in our article and provide you with

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Understand inflation in less than 6 minutes

To fully understand inflation, it is important to understand that in a market economy, the prices of goods and services are constantly changing. Depending on economic conditions, some prices increase, while others decrease. We speak of inflation when prices increase in an aggregate way, and not just the prices of a few goods and services.

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Investment funds: understand everything in 3 minutes

It seemed important to us to write an explanatory article on investment funds, the different shapes under which we can now find them on the financial markets, and finally their interest in terms of investments.   1. SICAVs (Investment Companies with Variable Capital) It is the most common form today of investment funds. What

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Financial risk management is our priority

At iPRO Investment Professionals, we believe that financial risk management is just as important as stock selection. The investment style we practice - buy growth at a reasonable price or below its intrinsic value - offers investors a good underlying safety margin. In addition, our rule is to invest only in companies that have:

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What would be the best investment strategy?

About the iPRO Growth Fund (or IGF), our position is very clear. Maybe it seems not to be the best investment strategy on the market, in view of international events, this is the one we chose for almost 30 years now. The assets of the IGF fund are invested in a diversified basket of

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How to invest your money well: our 5 golden rules

Knowing how to properly invest your money, especially through an investment in the stock market, is a job. And it has been ours for almost 30 years. Customers come to us because they have trust in our expertise, and are reassured by our working methods. At iPRO, we are particularly uncompromising when it comes

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