12 ways to save money on a daily basis

Learning how to better manage your budget and save money are important goals for many people. But finding ways to save money on a daily basis cannot be improvised. Because if on paper, it seems easy to reduce your bills and control your expenses, it is much less so in practice. You need a good

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15 quotes for financial freedom and money

Achieving financial freedom and above all keeping, it is the dream of many people. But you will surely encounter obstacles on your way. And that you will have to take up many challenges... Aiming for financial freedom is a real personal journey that will require you to push your limits in order to regain control

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How to prepare for retirement financially?

Preparing for retirement well, financially, is a subject that should be thought about as soon as possible, in serenity and not in an emergency. And this is a very recurring question that many people currently in activity ask themselves. But often, the extent of the subject worries or even discourages the majority of them who,

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Is the US Dollar still measured against the Euro?

The investment is cyclic by nature and, since the end of World War II, a factor determining financial market cycles is the relative strength or weakness of the American Dollar. The word "relative" is essential in a world where central banks have lost all independence. Today, comparing the US Dollar to the Euro doesn't mean

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Invest in long term to prepare for a bright future

It's an observation that we do on a daily basis in our profession. A growing number of people want to invest in long term to build and develop their heritage. Many surveys are also regularly carried out on the subject. Here are the 4 main reasons which explain why you want to invest your money

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Investing in the Mauritius Stock Exchange: a good idea?

Admittedly, when we observe the period of transformation that Mauritius is going through at the moment, we are entitled to wonder if invest in the Mauritius Stock Exchange is a really good idea.   Structurally declining growth? Let's be realistic. The economic pillars of Mauritius 25 years ago are: in the midst of a cash

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