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FAQ – iPRO Growth Fund2021-03-30T16:23:54+04:00
Is this fund with guaranteed capital?2021-03-30T16:18:39+04:00

No, iPRO Growth Fund is not a capital guaranteed fund. It is an open fund for long-term capital investments.

Who is the financial regulator of this fund?2021-03-30T16:18:30+04:00

iPRO Growth Fund Ltd (IGF) is a public investment fund incorporated on August 10, 1992. It is registered as a collective investment scheme (CIS) and has been listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange since December 2000.

The financial regulator of this fund is the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC).

What are the characteristics of iPRO Growth Fund?2021-03-30T16:18:22+04:00

The fund invests in stocks, stocks and fixed income securities. When you invest in the fund, you participate in all of the different investments held in the portfolio.

iPRO Growth Fund offers a diversified basket designed to meet your needs and get the most out of your money over the years. The fund invests in both stocks and bonds in Mauritius and Africa.

The portfolio is diversified to reduce risk.

How to save with iPRO Growth Fund?2021-03-30T16:18:12+04:00

To save with iPRO Growth Fund, simply complete your enrollment request using our online form.

The fund is open to any Mauritian citizen over the age of 18. The contribution is made in the form of a flexible bank payment, in Mauritian rupees, with a minimum required of Rs 1,000 per month.

Your investments are redeemable at any time, and there is no exit fee from the plan.

Which documents are required to save?2021-03-30T16:18:56+04:00

The mandatory documents to save with iPRO Growth Fund are as follows. You will be asked for them when you register online.

For individuals :

  • Copy of proof of identity
  • Copy of a recent proof of address (less than 3 months old)
  • Proof of source of funds (e.g. payslip, bank statement or other acceptable document)

For minors:

  • Birth certificate of the minor (s)
  • Copy the proof of identity of the parent (s) / guardian (s)
  • Copy of recent proof of address of tutor (s)
  • Proof of source of funds
How is iPRO Growth Fund performing?2021-03-30T16:19:52+04:00

How can iPRO Growth Fund perform?

As this is a listed fund, it is not possible for us to announce a future performance. We provide you with our monthly sheets which allow you to monitor the results.

On average since the fund’s inception in 2000, the fund’s average annual return has been 7%.

Is there a dividend payment?2021-03-30T16:20:05+04:00

iPRO Growth Fund pays dividends once a year to shareholders.

Payment is usually made in June, by check or wire transfer.

How can I contact iPRO Growth Fund?2021-03-30T16:19:12+04:00

To contact iPRO Growth Fund, if you would like more information before investing in this fund, you can contact iPRO Investment Professionals Ltd at (230) 5256 5081 or alternatively send us an e-mail .

Our team who will be happy to answer you.

What is IGF (iPRO Growth Fund)?2021-03-30T16:20:39+04:00

iPRO Growth Fund (or IGF) is a mutual fund, listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange since December 1, 2000, managed by iPRO Investment Professionals and designed to get the most out of your money over the years.

IGF is a collective investment scheme (CIS) investing mainly in Mauritius and sub-Saharan Africa.

Why invest in iPRO Growth Fund?2021-03-30T16:22:36+04:00

Investing in iPRO Growth Fund allows you to invest in both African and Mauritian stocks through a single fund, managed by a team of international finance professionals whom you can trust.

This investment plan is perfect for long-term savings, and helps you plan your life goals. We distribute dividends to shareholders once a year, in June.

You have access to your monthly online statements at any time, and we keep you regularly informed of the updates that we carry out on the level of the portfolio of shares that you hold.

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