Knowing how to properly invest your money, especially through an investment in the stock market, is a job. And it has been ours for almost 30 years. Customers come to us because they have trust in our expertise, and are reassured by our working methods.

At iPRO, we are particularly uncompromising when it comes to managing the cash entrusted to us. We work in all transparency with moderation, reason, humility, and discipline, because this profession also requires great mental strength.

And for that, we set ourselves those 5 rules of conduct following, which we apply every day to make fructify your long-term capital.


1 / How to invest your money properly? Stay tuned

As wealth advisers, we are constantly on the lookout for new trends that appear in the markets. And our task is to analyze these trends in depth once they have been detected.

Indeed, we believe that a research thorough is essential for making sound decisions in order to invest well in the stock market. Our team of experienced analysts and fund managers regularly collect complex and first-hand information about the local market and the underlying companies.

It allows us to have a global and clear vision of the different possibilities of stock market investments. But also to have a good overview of bond opportunities for example.


2 / Estimate the value at best

At iPRO, we don’t take any investment decisions lightly.

After the in-depth research phase, our team will determine the difference between a company’s real value and its price in the market. It is a study phase that seems to us really fundamental. Because our client must be sure to invest his money in transactions that are of interest to him (or her).

In passing, we also assess the good management of the companies in which we invest. Of course, we believe that the governance of a company is also one of its main value drivers.


3 / Maintain a long-term approach

We strongly believe in a long term approach.

To make your money grow, as true investment professionals, you need to know how to be patient and above all knowing how to keep calm. Because the cycles can be long, and conversely, sometimes unforeseen events can occur. But that doesn’t mean you have to overreact at this time.

And this is part of the overall vision that our team adopts on all the companies in which we invest.

Rather than frequently trading stocks (except when the overall market dynamics change strongly), we rely on a few valid choices per year, researched, examined, and validated over several consecutive months.

Our selections are specifically chosen for their capacity:

  • to generate impressive profits
  • to pay high dividends
  • and / or to take advantage of a growing economy


4 / How to invest your money properly? Diversify your assets

We also firmly believe that a well-constructed and well-managed portfolio requires an optimal combination of:

  • actions
  • obligations
  • and cash

Logically, the fact of being widely diversified, with exposure to all parts of the equity and bond markets, reduces the level of risk to which the portfolio is exposed within the established risk / return structure.

In addition, it also significantly reduces the level of potential stress in the event of stock price fluctuation, for example in some foreign markets.


5 / Set risk-return objectives

We build the local portfolio within the framework of specific risk-return objectives, on the basis of an approved investment plan.

We are aware that the portfolio should perform better than a composite index based on the given asset allocation and therefore adhere to the defined framework.


To conclude, at iPRO, it is the rigorous and constant respect of these 5 golden rules that makes us the stock market investment professionals you need, and the real specialists in how to invest your money well.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can talk about it together.