It’s an observation that we do on a daily basis in our profession. A growing number of people want to invest in long term to build and develop their heritage.

Many surveys are also regularly carried out on the subject. Here are the 4 main reasons which explain why you want to invest your money wisely:

  • Financing children’s education
  • Have a reserve of money in the event of a hard blow
  • To enjoy life
  • Prepare for your future retirement

We are ALL concerned about the majority of these points. It is therefore useful to better detail each of these reasons to invest for the long term.


1) Finance your children’s studies

It is a major concern of parents. And they think about it earlier and earlier, sometimes from the birth of their child.

It is true that the cost of studying today keeps increasing. Some parents find themselves forced to borrow when the time comes due to a lack of anticipation. Still, others choose the student loan formula. But is it reasonable to impose financial commitments on your child so early in life, upon receipt of his first wages?

Obviously, the cost of these studies is very variable depending on the branch and type of education chosen (public or private school). In addition, it increases as much if your child has to leave the parental home to continue his studies abroad.

So if you have a minimum saving capacity of Rs. 1,500 per month, the better to invest gently on the long term. To ensure the financing of their studies with peace of mind. And for that, the sooner the better!


2) Provide a reserve of money for unforeseen events

Saving by putting a sum of money aside means investing in order to be able to face unforeseeable expenses. While ensuring that this investment will report.

This capital can be used, for example, to:

  • replace the air conditioning that slams in the middle of summer
  • face current expenses while you find a job
  • carry out repairs on the car
  • repair a roof impacted by a cyclone that the insurance may be late to reimburse …

In reality, there are many such situations! Knowing that we have a support capital “in case” is very reassuring!


3) Invest in long term to be able to enjoy life

The children are grown up and now you plan to take care of yourself, this time to realize your own dreams.

You like Mauritius, but you would also like to live for a while elsewhere: London, Paris, New York, Sydney … Whether it is to immerse yourself in another culture, or to live another adventure. Investing now to plan your project means taking the best asset to make it achievable.

The same is true of course if the deep attachment to your island makes you unable to leave it. You may want to live by the sea, to move from North to South, to move to another house. Or just to take a sabbatical year to achieve what you want.


4) Save for a happy retirement

For many Mauritians, retirement means a new life. In which leisure, family, and friends hold a prominent place.

To be able to enjoy it serenely, it is imperative to anticipate preparing for this retreat as soon as possible. It is indeed a question of providing a capital that will allow you to:

  • live in peace
  • maintain a level of income
  • realize your projects

When you’re 30 or 35 and building your family life at the same time, thinking about retirement is probably not your biggest concern … And yet remember this formula: “ The sooner I think about it, the better I’ll take advantage of it later

This is a logical approach because your purchasing power will inevitably decrease in retirement … Unless you anticipated it early enough!

Investing in long term by putting a little money in a fund each month from now on allows you to gradually build up capital (which pays off) without having to deprive yourself as you approach retirement!

Thinking about it at 35 is planning for a serene retirement at 60 years old.


Our solution

In these 4 cases, iPRO Growth Fund is THE ideal solution. It allows you to invest at your own pace, quietly, without impacting your monthly budget.

iPRO Growth Fund is an investment fund combining a majority of Mauritian, African and global equities, and a minority of fixed income investments aimed at reducing performance volatility.


More specifically, iPRO Growth Fund is:

  • a profitable long-term investment, with honorable and recognized results
  • a capital accessible at any time, and recoverable without exit costs

Knowing that we are constituted in a way methodical a heritage that will be enhanced year after year is very exciting. Having chosen the skills of a seasoned and responsible financial partner like iPRO is also reassuring. Especially in these difficult times.


With iPRO Growth Fund, you make your money work for a better future while seeing the fruits of your investment each year. This is the advantage of investing for the long term!


To help you prepare your project and start building your family heritage now, contact us:
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