IGF Monthly NAV Chart

Monthly Update

Investment Manager’ Commentary

The Net Asset Value of IGF fell by 1.8% in April. Both the local portfolio and the foreign portfolio retreated this month.


Amongst our top holdings locally, MCBG as well as Phoenix Beverages/Investment posted flat returns for the period. LUX Island Resorts saw some recovery in its share price (+5.4%) after a challenging first quarter. As for The Bee Equity Partners, a conservative valuation approach has been implemented (by IGF) in April seeing that the company has almost completed its disinvestment strategy. Otherwise, on the macroeconomic side, Bank of Mauritius decided to keep the key rate unchanged at 4.50% at its 3rd April meeting whilst the Mauritian rupee took a breather versus the hard currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) after a difficult start to the calendar year.


At the international level, markets showed some signs of stress as the US CPI print surprised to the upside again, which dampened hopes for any imminent rate cuts by the FED. Within equities, the MSCI All Country World lost 3.3%. Losses were broad-based as most sectors finished the month down, with the exception of Utilities (+1.1%) and Energy (+0.6%). Emerging markets (+0.45%) outperformed Developed Markets this month (-3.7%), as the rebound in China’s equities extended into its third consecutive month. On the fixed income side, markets were broadly down, as expected, given the “higher for longer” interest rate expectations. The Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index weakened by 2.5%. Meanwhile, gold and silver, continued their ascent. The 2 precious metals are up by double-digits on a CYTD basis, to the benefit of IGF’s portfolio.


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