Preparing for retirement well, financially, is a subject that should be thought about as soon as possible, in serenity and not in an emergency.

And this is a very recurring question that many people currently in activity ask themselves. But often, the extent of the subject worries or even discourages the majority of them who, as a result, tend to postpone this reflection to another day.

While others do not feel concerned because retirement, they say to themselves, “it is in 20, 30, or 40 years …”

But this is a strategic error


An unequivocal observation

So why should you ideally start preparing for retirement as early as possible?

The observation made year after year is that the amount of this pension received is less and less. And today it is a long way from what our elders could touch at the end of their life …

And it is even more delicate for entrepreneurs, traders, and artisans, the liberal professions: the account is really no longer there!

According to various regularly published barometers, the vast majority of working people think that the amount of their future retirement pension will be ridiculous. In any case, insufficient to allow them to maintain their current standard of living and thus live decently.

These fears are also confirmed by current retirees: many of them confirm that what they are receiving today is much lower than what they had imagined.

And many of them bitterly regret not having made arrangements a few decades ago. While they could have organized themselves to invest themselves in part in their retirement.


So how do you prepare for retirement?

In view of these various analyzes and surveys which repeat this situation year after year, the situation has no chance of improving.

It is therefore essential for people currently in the labor force to start financing their retirement as soon as possible. How to do it in a smart way?

Quite simply by gradually building up a heritage that will be enhanced year after year.

This will advantageously complement what you will receive once the end of activity time arrives. The more you anticipate the constitution of this heritage, the more it will be mechanically important. And the more you will have what you need to live a happy and serene retirement.


Our solution: iPRO Growth Fund

A very good solution exists and we recommend that you activate it ideally when you are 25, 30, 35 …

Her name is iPRO Growth Fund and we created it so that all Mauritians also have access to a savings solution adapted to their needs.

iPRO Growth Fund is a collective investment fund open to all Mauritian citizens over the age of 18 wishing to build up a heritage that will be valued over the long term.

This investment plan is perfect for long-term savings. It will help you plan your life goals and finance your retirement. In addition, we distribute dividends to shareholders once a year, in June.


Choose security!

The benefits of investing in iPRO Growth Fund there are many ways to prepare for retirement:

  • you make a regular monthly payment in the amount of your choice (minimum Rs 1,000) and we make your money work the best it can. Of course, the higher the monthly amount, the more your assets will be as well as the amount of interest collected!
  • you have access to your monthly statements online at any time
  • we regularly inform you of the updates that we carry out on the level of the portfolio of shares that you hold
  • the average annual performance of our fund since its inception in 2000 is 7%
  • your investment is redeemable at any time, with no exit charges from the plan. You can always get your money back in the event of a big unforeseen event

With iPRO Growth Fund, you can make your money work with peace of mind while perceiving the fruits of your investment each year.

This is the advantage of investing for the long term!


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